• audits on working with data in companies
  • development of data transmission and protection strategies in companies (legal, organizational, and technical measures)
  • legal support for transactions with data as a key asset
  • advising on the collection and processing of personal data (including on the application of GDPR provisions)
  • drafting corporate documents to ensure data protection: policy on working with data, confidentiality and commercial secrecy provisions, standardized process regulations, document templates (including the adaptation of international companies’ documents to the requirements of Ukrainian law for further use by structural subdivisions in Ukraine )
  • developing models confidentiality agreements (taking into account industrial specifics)
  • advising on privacy, personal data and data exchange in contracts of different models and directions
  • advising on working with data in the workplace, drafting relevant documents, regulating the use of electronic devices
  • legal support of internal corporate investigation procedures
  • advising on proper disclosure of data, measures in case of incidents with a threat to the safety of data, minimization of negative consequences of data disclosure
  • providing advice on working with sensitive data
  • development and implementation of training programs adapted to the specifics of companies’ activities