Corporate Social Responsibility


Arzinger is a socially responsible business in a broad sense. Our values are an important basis for our activities, the projects we support, and the messages we broadcast. We understand that it is necessary to help those in need and to take up part of the obligations to society, so we are actively involved in important initiatives and implement our own projects.

For the Company, corporate social responsibility is its voluntary commitment to include social and environmental actions related to all stakeholders (employees, clients, partners, etc.) in its business practices.

We understand that our actions have an impact on the world around us, and we try to make this impact entirely positive.


You can find our policy below

CSR policy.pdf

Our priority areas in charity:


1. Assistance to the Army: Assistance to the Return Alive Foundation, pro bono hours and funds for the relevant holidays.

2. Education: Creation and support of initiatives and projects in the field of education in partnership with universities and student associations, as well as granting nominal scholarships to talented students.

3. Healthcare and COVID-19-related issues: Support for initiatives and projects in the field of healthcare and prevention of various diseases, including targeted projects to help hospitals or volunteers.





4. Sport: support for initiatives and projects in the field of sport and healthy lifestyle.

5. Ecology: Support for environmental initiatives and projects, assistance to the Peli Can Live Foundation: Pro bono hours and funds for the park development. 

6. Socially vulnerable groups: Support for socially vulnerable groups, including charitable assistance, targeted assistance to the disabled, the elderly, as well as to orphanages and boarding schools, targeted assistance to orphaned children.


If you have any questions or want to offer us a project for support, please contact our CSR project managers:




Nataliia Zmiiuk (PR and marketing) 



Yuliana Sharapa (HR)