April 14, 2022

Tips for Ukrainians Abroad: Multilaw and Arzinger Initiative

Multilaw, an international legal network, has cooperated with leading law firms to prepare answers to the most common questions arising among Ukrainians abroad.


For each family who had to evacuate from Ukraine, the first days in a foreign country are inextricably linked to stress. To help Ukrainian citizens adapt more quickly to a temporary but new environment, the Multilaw network has created a resource that contains information on the legal aspects of help to Ukrainians. The information summaries are available at the link:


The initiative covers explanations to the most common questions arising for Ukrainians abroad:


  • How to enter the country? (quarantine requirements, passport and visa)
  • What to do if you decide to stay in the country? (what status can be expected and how it can help you; how and where to officially register for a stay; whether it is allowed to work; how to get medical care)
  • How and where to teach children? (kindergartens, schools, universities)
  • Are there any travel restrictions?


The answers to these and other questions were prepared by legal professionals of each respective country. Arzinger's Partner Taras Kyslyy, Counsel Alesya Pavlynska, and Counsel Yaroslav Cheker were also involved in the project.


"Ukraine has received and continues to receive enormous support in the war set off by russia. Within this initiative, we have managed to combine the help offers from lawyers of many countries and the demand for them among our fellow citizens in a successful project that helps millions of Ukrainians find relevant answers to their questions on one resource without spending too much time and effort", Taras Kyslyy comments."The initiative coversabout 40 countries, with thevolume of information totalling more than 1000 pagesWe realized that we had hand in developing truly useful product when our clients and contacts started sending us positive reviews and links to."


Multilaw, a global network of law firms, played a key part in preparing advice in dozens of countries. The network covers most of the countries where our citizens could potentially find themselves. Its member law firms promptly provided the necessary information pro bono (i.e. free of charge). Interlaw, another similar network, pitched in where Multilaw coverage was not available.


It is worth noting that the information is constantly updated, as legislative amendments are implemented on a regular basis. The team of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine assists with Ukrainian translations.




Arzinger is a leading independent Ukrainian law firm that has been providing top-notch legal services to international and domestic companies since 2002. Headquartered in Kyiv, the firm has two regional offices in Western and Southern Ukraine, thus being able to provide quality legal support to clients throughout Ukraine.

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