March 17, 2020

Challenges 2020

Recent events in the world economy and the deteriorating health situation have undoubtedly affected the daily life and conduct of business.

We are monitoring the situation in the world, analyzing the legal field and preparing materials that may be useful to businesses in times of crisis.

We have created Anticrisis HelpDesk - a team of dedicated specialists whom you can contact on any issues connected to COVID-19, economic and other challenges that could have business implications. HelpDesk has its own email - Also, you can contact in person corresponding partner or counsel who are part of the team:

Timur Bondaryev | Managing Partner | Antitrust & Competition, Real Estate, Retail & Hospitality, Automotive |

Sergii Shkliar | Partner | Antitrust & Competition, Commercial litigation |

Markian Malskyy | Partner, Head of West Ukrainian Branch | International Litigation and Arbitration | 

Lana Sinichkina | Partner | Antitrust & Competition, Compliance, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Clinical Trials, Food & Beverage |

Kateryna Gupalo | Partner | Issues of administrative and criminal liability for violation of quarantine rules |

Anna Zorya | Partner| Corporate and M&A |

Oksana Karel | Counsel | International Litigation and Arbitration |

Alesya Pavlynska | Counsel | Labour Law |

Iaroslav Cheker | Counsel| Tax Law |

More information on the current situation from relevant practices can be found below. Stay tuned to our Twitter channel. 

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Legal Alert "COVID-19 sciences & healthcare" - as of 04/03/2020

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...simplified rules for importing medical devices" - as of 03/25/2020

Clinical trials

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...clinical trials" - as of 04/03/2020

Legal overview of legislative novelties

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and anticrisis measures" - as of 04/02/2020

Food & Beverage

Legal Alert "COVID-19 market" - as of 04/01/2020

Corporate and M&A

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...joint stock companies" - as of 03/31/2020

Maritime Law

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...marine insurance risks" - as of 03/30/2020

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...fulfillment of obligations under a contract of sea carriage" - as of 03/24/2020

Task Force

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...intensified raiding" - as of 03/27/2020

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...eased restrictions on certain activities during quarantine" - as of 03/27/2020


Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...Insolvency" - as of 03/27/2020

Data Protection

Legal Alert "COVID-19 protection" - as of 03/25/2020

Real Estate & Construction

Legal Alert "COVID-19 business works with restrictions" - as of 03/25/2020

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...real estate, retail & hospitality" - as of 03/20/2020

Сommercial Litigation

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and... Ukrainian litigation" - as of 03/23/2020

Antitrust and Competititon 

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and... Antitrust regulation" - as of 03/23/2020


Legal Alert "COVID-19 and...Automotive" - as of 03/23/2020

West Ukrainian Branch

Legal Alert "COVID-19" - as of 03/19/2020

Tax Law

Legal Alert "COVID-19 and ...Tax Law" - as of 03/19/2020

Labor Law

Legal Alert "Analysis of the Law of Ukraine No. 530-IX adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine on preventing the spread of COVID-19" - as of 03/18/2020

Legal Alert "Organizing working process during the quarantine in Ukraine" - as of 03/18/2020

Legal Alert "Advice on work arrangements during the outbreak of coronavirus or other respiratory diseases" - as of 03/12/2020

International Litigation and Arbitration

Legal Alert "CORONAVIRUS COVID-19: tips on how to manage contractual risks" - as of 03/17/2020

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