February 02, 2021

PUBLIC LETTER to "Yurydychna Praktyka" Editorial Office

Dear peers,

Being among the longstanding leaders in the legal market and professing a responsible attitude to the development of the social and business environment, Arzinger has been actively involved in the processes that influence the overall formation of the industry and business in the country. Our representatives are active members of professional associations and public organizations and join in the development of socially significant initiatives, legislative acts, etc.

While maintaining cooperation with Yurydychna Praktyka and realizing our role and responsibility for the future of the industry, we have repeatedly drawn the editorial board's attention to the importance of clearly regulated (written) procedures and criteria for compiling market ratings. An important social function of market studies is to reflect how the industry evolves, thus stimulating competition and professional development, and to create guidelines for business and social institutions that may need the relevant services. At the same time, in the absence of transparent rules and regulations for setting up a rating, it would not be possible to unambiguously assess its results. Consequently, the perception of the market and its players is distorted and harms both the legal profession and the clients rather than helps them.

Unfortunately, no appropriate changes have taken place so far. In particular, there are still issues with the evaluation criteria applied in the rating of experts, practices and firms 'in the overall standings' (top 50); the formation/change and rules of procedure of the expert commission are far from being transparent; there is no understanding of how information is collected and analyzed, etc.

It is par for the course in today's market that law firms do not participate in studies. In view of the above, Arzinger has also decided not to submit its credentials for analysis within the Top 50 projects of Yurydychna Praktyka and Ukrainian Law Firms until the said changes are implemented. Therefore, we kindly ask you not to evaluate Arzinger's practices, specialists and the law firm as a whole. Please make sure that no mention of us is made in the general ratings as well as in the ratings for individual practices, industries and legal professionals.


Managing Partner Timur Bondaryev

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