May 28, 2019

Dmytro Trut promoted to Counsel in Tax & Customs Litigation practice at Arzinger

This is not the first time that Arzinger promotes its own professionals rather than invites external candidates. Practice proves that working in the company makes it possible to develop one’s professionalism to the highest level. This is why we are so positive about our employees

Dmytro has successful experience in defending the interests of international and Ukrainian companies in resolving disputes with tax, customs and other state authorities; representing taxpayers in the course of tax audits, as well as appealing their results by administrative procedure. As an attorney-at-law, Dmytro represented clients and provided legal support in white collar crime proceedings, in particular regarding tax evasion, forgery, fraud and other offences. Dmytro’s experience includes the protection of business from unlawful encroachments committed not only by state authorities, but also by unscrupulous contractors, competitors, raiders or third parties.

Dmytro Trut, Counsel in Tax & Customs Litigation practice at Arzinger:
“I would like to thank Arzinger family for trusting me. We have successfully defended our clients’ interests and rights in disputes with public authorities, in particular with tax and customs authorities, for over 5 years. The position of Counsel is not only a step forward in my legal career, but also a great responsibility before the clients, who expect not only the best results but also the due care and deep understanding of all their internal business processes; my team, which expects wise and weighted leadership and decisions; partners, who expect appropriate support in cross projects; myself, because I set high goals and want only victories.
As Counsel, I plan to continue developing the tax and customs litigation practice, which is to some extent at the interface of tax, customs, administrative, criminal, and procedural law. The ongoing reform process makes this practice important and dynamic in terms of business development. As a process attorney, I will be involved in finding solutions for complex and exceptionally challenging projects aimed at developing not only the practice, but the company in general.”

Timur Bondaryev, Managing Partner of Arzinger:
“Our strong background in dispute resolution and our strengthened practice of tax disputes is a logical implementation of our strategy to improve Arzinger’s market position. Having a strong consulting practice in the area of taxes, we believe that our "share of the pie" in tax disputes will increase.”

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