Enforcement of court decisions

Enforcement of court decisions, which is the ultimate purpose of a trial, often turns out to be rather complicated, if not illusory. Ambiguous legislation, and sometimes its absence, may call into question the actual enforcement of court decisions.

Therefore, enforcement of judgments in Ukraine needs no less effort than representation in court. We consider it our duty to warn the client and evaluate the prospects of real enforcement of a judgment against a potential opponent prior to a court dispute.

Our advantages

Our lawyers are well-versed in the legislation on enforcement of court decisions in Ukraine and have the experience of supporting the enforcement  of various judgments. Our profound knowledge of procedural sabotage tactics and unfair behavior on the part of opponents allows us to effectively counteract them.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in enforcing judgments in accordance with Ukrainian law. They accompanied the enforcement of both Ukrainian and foreign courts’ decisions as well as international arbitral awards.

  • representation of creditors and debtors before the respective state authorities as well as before individuals
  • submission of documents and enforcement of judgments
  • support and control over the enforcement of judgments by state bailiff service and private bailiffs in accordance with Ukrainian law
  • protection of the rights of parties to enforcement proceedings