Tailored legal advice

Wealthy individuals, private entrepreneurs and family businesses have specific interests and needs that our legal advice is tailored for. The key point is to preserve and protect the assets, to  multiply them and, if possible, to transfer the assets as neutrally as possible to family members. Owners of private or corporate assets often want their life’s work to continue after their death (testaments, trusts). To ensure the above, appropriate measures should be taken during their lifetime.


Interdisciplinary approach

A particular difficulty in servicing such clients is the need for interdisciplinary approach. To advise responsibly, a law firm must have competent staff and be aware of the complexity of such matters. Other indispensable conditions are in-depth knowledge of national and partly international law, particularly in the areas of corporate law, tax law, family law, and inheritance law.

Along with professional competence, legal support of family businesses and private customers requires confidence. It stands to reason for us as legal professionals that the trusting relationships with clients must be preserved under any circumstances. In this regard, as well as in matters of legal support, we are guided by international standards.


  1. 1. Corporate law
  • advice on choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction to transfer assets in order to protect them from attacks by competitors, creditors and public authorities
  • assistance in choosing the legal entity form in accordance with the client’s interests (trusts, foundations, etc.)
  • protection of clients’ corporate rights as well as other interests in relations with other business parties (through a shareholders' agreement). Thus, due to the properly vested right to appoint a company's management, preemptive rights, lock up periods, it is possible to obtain the maximum control over the company and to avoid partners’ infringements
  • planning and setting the inheritance rules for family property upon the family head’s death as well as monitoring the compliance with these rules


2. Tax law

  • advice on tax laws in different countries
  • comparative analysis of tax implications of the transfer of assets in different jurisdictions
  • analysis of a tax resident’s status in different countries for those who have the focus of personal and economic interests abroad (real estate purchase, incorporation of a legal entity) or plan to move abroad for permanent residence
  • registration as a taxpayer, calculation of personal tax liabilities and tax reporting (assistance in preparing tax returns), negotiating with tax authorities in different countries
  • development of a tax-optimized model for the acquisition and possession of immovable and movable property (cars, yachts, airplanes)
  • tax planning and maintenance of property inheritance process
  • setting up personal holding structures in foreign jurisdictions to simplify and effectively regulate the transfer of inherited property, family fortune ownership and its protection
  • Investment structuring for effective taxation
  • development of the best ways to exit a business and support in this process
  • advice and support for the acquisition and sale of securities in foreign jurisdictions


3.Trusts and funds

  • assistance in choosing a jurisdiction to create a trust or a private/family fund
  • assistance in deciding whether to use a trust or a private/family fund (e.g. advice on various tax and legal aspects of establishing trusts/funds in different jurisdictions and their subsequent activities)
  • development of a corporate structure to implement the trust or fund mechanism
  • development and coordination of trust agreements, founding documents of funds, etc. with beneficiaries and consultants in relevant jurisdictions
  • development of a corporate governance and control system at the level of a private/family fund


4.Change of residence

  • selection of the jurisdiction most conducive to the client's goals
  • providing information on the legislation of the countries the client is interested in
  • advice on investing in different jurisdictions
  • support for the purchase and maintenance of real estate, opening bank accounts and investing


5.Family law

  • drafting, negotiation and conclusion of a marriage contract
  • partition of property depending on whether a marriage contract exists
  • advice on possible post-divorce disagreements
  • marriage annulment
  • representation of interests in legal matters related to civic marriage: property rights, children's status
  • tax advice in connection with property partition


6.Donation and inheritance law

  • drawing up a donation agreement, including with the donor’s conditions
  • legal support in contesting a donation agreement
  • execution of the will and title documents on property
  • drafting an inheritance agreement
  • fulfillment of the will
  • assistance with the execution of the last will and testament abroad
  • legal advice on accepting or refusing the last will and testament
  • registration of inheritance for corporate rights, shares, including in foreign jurisdictions
  • mediation in inheritance disputes (according to the will and testament, according to the law, if there is no last will and testament)
  • advice on taxation of donation and inheritance transactions, including in foreign jurisdictions