Team of highly skilled professionals

Our team of practitioners is comprised of highly skilled professionals specializing in energy and natural resources, ecology, coal and minerals, hydrocarbon exploration and renewable energy, biomass and waste energy production, cogeneration, conventional and renewable energy.

We provide top-notch services in such sectors as energy, oil and gas, coal, forestry, mining, water, extraction of minerals, renewable and conventional energy, biofuels, combined heat and power generation. Our clients include a powerful company implementing investment projects in geological exploration, a company of an international energy and petrochemical group engaged in oil and gas extraction, a world leader in energy product trading, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company in Ukraine, and many others.

We understand the structure of markets

We understand the structure of markets, technology and regulation in each of the business areas related to natural resources. In our legal expertise, we apply not only our knowledge of Ukrainian practice and legislation, but also best European and international practices.

Arzinger’s lawyers help find unique solutions, shape up clear business strategies, and ensure business efficiency. The key to this is our experience in banking & finance, antitrust, corporate law, IP law, real estate & construction, judicial and pre-trial settlement of disputes, international arbitration, GR, as well as active cooperation with lawyers from our dispute resolution, corporate, financial, and tax law practices.

  • Complex legal support of companies’ project activity
  • Legal support for obtaining permits for air pollutant emissions, introduction of environmental management systems
  • Advising on dangerous cargo transportation
  • Services of structuring and concluding distribution agreements and joint activities agreements in the areas of ​​geological exploration and industrial extraction of natural resources between private businesses and the public sector
  • Legal support for obtaining special permits for the use of subsoil
  • Legal support for the exploration and development of mineral deposits, the use of natural resources
  • Advising on legal issues arising in the course of extraction and sale of minerals
  • Providing legal advice on ecology: drafting project documentation, its support, participation in cases of appeals against decisions of state authorities, cases related to permits for emissions, appeals against unlawful inspections; appeals against decisions on denials of licenses
  • Drafting agreements on subsoil use and licensing agreements
  • Legal support for interaction with state authorities regarding special permits for the use of subsoil, obtaining other permits and licenses
  • Judicial and pre-trial settlement of disputes with state authorities and business entities
  • Representation of clients in international arbitrations
  • Legal services related to ecology: licensing and certification, environmental documentation support, drafting and approval of project documentation.