Issues of ethics and the fight against corruption

Ethics and the fight against corruption are currently among the most urgent issues for Ukrainian and international business. Significant changes have taken place in the fight against corruption in recent years: a new anti-corruption law has been adopted, independent agencies have been created to actively fight corruption and the first cases of FCPA have arisen in Ukraine. Many of the anti-corruption developments have also come into private business. In this regard, compliance and business standards in accordance with anti-corruption legislation require increasingly more attention. Deviations from ethical principles and legislative requirements can lead to substantial sanctions for legal entities or even prosecution of company officials.

Anti-corruption compliance and business ethics practice

Founded in 2011, our anti-corruption compliance and business ethics practice helps our clients design their activities in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian law, transnational anti-corruption legislation and best practices in the field of integrity and compliance, by timely responding to challenges in this area.

Our team is actively involved in the work of leading organizations that promote the establishment of high ethical standards, dialogue and knowledge sharing in society and business environment. In particular, Lana Sinichkina, Partner and Co-Head of the practice, is a member of the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC).

Our advantages
  • a large team (more than 10 lawyers)
  • Unique experience of working with both national and international anti-corruption legislation and practice
  • membership in leading business associations (ACC, EBA, SUP, etc.)
  • contacts with related anti-corruption organizations, including Transparency International, ABA, UNIC
  • understanding corporate approaches to counteracting corruption
  • open and transparent dialogue with state authorities


Our services include:

  • comprehensive and specialized internal audits
  • internal investigations
  • drafting anti-corruption policies and procedures
  • developing comprehensive compliance systems
  • staff trainings
  • defence in investigations of law enforcement authorities
  • dismissals of employees and top managers
  • international and Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies
  • leading FMCG companies
  • manufacturers of packaging materials
  • construction and energy companies
  • manufacturers and distributors in the automotive industry
  • manufacturers of cosmetics
  • operators in the market of banking services
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