April 08, 2021

Year in Review 2020: What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger…

Last year, when I was writing the same lines for the 2019 edition of ARZINGER Year in Review, the pandemic was just about to take off and the world didn’t even imagine, what a year it was about to embrace. Quarantine measures, travel restrictions, remote work, lockdowns, vaccine discussions, hardships of hospitality and travel industry, rise of e-commerce and reinvention of brick-and-mortar retail & office spaces, - these and other events and terms have entered our daily life and seem to remain with us for the next few years.


Despite all these challenges, the humankind has once again proven, that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…”, even if at some moment of time some companies were close to insolvency, on the end of the day, the markets have survived and the world has found itself in a new stronger and better shape.


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