Arzinger attorneys

Arzinger attorneys have extensive experience in litigations, both on national and international matters. We represent our clients in courts of general jurisdiction, commercial and administrative courts, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

Clients' support

We support clients at all stages of dispute resolution – at the early stage of pre-trial settlement, in assessing the prospects of litigation, filing lawsuits and other procedural documents, representing in court or concluding an amicable settlement all the way to enforcement of judgments. The high qualification and specialization of our attorneys allow us to facilitate efficient dispute settlement in a wide variety of industries: contractual relations, corporate governance, mergers & acquisitions, construction & real estate, antitrust & competition, tax law, banking, finance & securities, insurance, customs matters, trade, maritime law, gas & oil, professional liability, asset management, public procurement, privatization and nationalization, retail trade, product quality liability, medicine and pharmaceuticals, collective claims, insolvency & liquidation, IT, media & telecommunications, intellectual property rights & patent law, employment law, civil law, human rights and privacy, consumer protection, etc.

  • analysis of documents, preparation and submission of procedural documents
  • collecting evidence and developing a legal position
  • participation in litigations in national courts of all instances and jurisdictions
  • drafting settlement agreements
  • asset tracing in Ukraine and abroad
  • participation in negotiations with representatives, managers, and stakeholders
  • forensic examinations for court proceedings