Arzinger’s Criminal Law and Business

Arzinger’s Criminal Law and Business Protection practice consists of more than 20 certified attorneys led by partners Kateryna Gupalo and Iurii Sukhov, who not only have a deep specialized background in criminal proceedings but also have a clear understanding of modern business processes. Our attorneys represent and defend both individuals and legal entities in accordance with national and international standards. Due to their focused specialization in white collar crimes and creativity our professionals are able to find tailor-made solutions to complex and unusual situations at all stages of criminal proceedings. At the same time, their experience is not limited to defending suspects, accused, defendants or other persons under pressure from law enforcement authorities. Arzinger attorneys successfully represent companies as victims, uncover fraudulent schemes, and recover stolen property.

Our advantages
  • High standards of services and understanding the specifics of working with international companies
  • Dedicated criminal law and process professionals
  • More than 20 English-speaking attorneys ready to respond 24/7
  • Industrial focus, understanding the specifics of the client’s business
  • In-depth expertise to support related processes (administrative, commercial, civil disputes, antitrust investigations)
  • In-service trainings to prepare company and staff for "unexpected visitors"

Defence in criminal proceedings regarding:

  • White-collar crimes
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Cybercrime

As well as:

  • Internal investigations
  • Representation and protection of victims
  • Work with Interpol and international search
  • Extradition and international legal assistance
  • Recovery of fraudulently stolen funds

As practice shows, it is important that company staff knows basic rules of conduct during investigative and procedural actions, including searches. We offer trainings with practical tips on how to interact with law enforcement authorities in interrogations, searches, seizures etc.

This training program can be tailored to the client’s needs, taking into account its industrial specifics and particular risks. The customization algorithm is as follows:

  • The client introduces us to the lead contact person(s) for the project
  • We hold 1-2 personal meetings with her/him/them to identify major risk areas
  • We customize the training and presentation contents based on the results
  • We conduct a training
  • We provide final recommendations for improving the security/response system for visits of law enforcement officers.
Attorney Shield

This is a comprehensive emergency service to respond to unexpected actions of law enforcement and regulatory authorities searches, seizures, detentions, inspections, and other emergencies. It includes qualified assistance of attorneys 24/7 to quickly minimize the adverse effects.

This service is relevant for large and medium-sized businesses, top managers of international and national companies, business owners and their relatives, public officials and their families.

Why do you need Attorney Shield?
  • Even if your company operates within legal boundaries, this do not exclude a visit of law enforcement officers
  • If your contractors are in conflict with law, law enforcement officers can come to you
  • An increase in the number of “erroneous” raids by law enforcement and regulatory authorities
  • Tough competition in the market with “services ordered” from authorities
Why should you think of it beforehand?
  • You will have no time to find an attorney when “unexpected visitors” arrive
  • One of the most common reasons why attorneys  are not allowed to be present at searches is the lack of a legal assistance agreement
  • You enter into a legal assistance agreement but make no subscription payments. You only pay for the services actually provided, if you need assistance from our attorneys