Planned and strategic tactical legal support

Automotive companies require both planned and strategic tactical legal support for their operations. The rapid globalization of the automotive industry results in the emergence and change of existing activity types and segments. Industrial changes trigger liberalization, on the one hand, and enhance regulation, on the other hand; operational and legal changes occur almost daily. To respond to the challenges of modernity, automotive companies often turn to our lawyers for comprehensive or targeted legal support.

Working with the world's largest manufacturers of cars

Arzinger’s extensive, systematic and integrated experience of working with the world's largest manufacturers of cars, automotive equipment, after-sales service companies, importers, dealers, and industry associations, gives its lawyers an in-depth understanding of the industry and the respective markets in Ukraine and abroad.

  • Antitrust & Competition law:

- Information requests from antitrust authorities, cases and investigations;

- Price issues: recommended prices, discounts, bonuses;

- Exclusive and selective dealership: Distribution and consolidation of territories, customer pools;

- Risks on the after-sales (warranty) car market;

- Participation in tenders (public procurements);

- Termination of dealer agreements;

- Compliance trainings for manufacturers, importers and dealers;

- Unfair competition: Misuse of designations (trademarks, trade names), commercial information, dissemination of misleading information.

  • Tax & Customs issues:

- General aspects of taxation;

- Adjustment of the customs value of imported vehicles and spare parts.

  • Registration issues, certification and standardization:

- Registration of vehicles;

- Certification of vehicles: recognition of foreign certificates in Ukraine, determination of the level of harmful emissions in the certification of vehicles;

- Compliance with applicable standards and norms.

  • IP rights protection:

- Counteraction to parallel imports and counterfeiting;

- Legal support re "patent trolling";

- Legal support in case of arbitrary suspension of customs clearance.

  • Consumer protection and advertising:

- Protection of consumer rights from the seller’s viewpoint (information on goods, return of goods, etc.);

- Advertising on the Internet;

- Comparative advertising.


Volkswagen Group, Porsche, Traton Group, Daimler, Scania, MAN Truck & Bus, TRATON AG, Groupe PSA, Holmer, КЛААС, Aston Martin, Honda, Landmark, ВААІД, Michelin, Bridgestone, Musashi, DENSO, SEBN, and others.