No. 75 - October 2012


Newsletter No. 75 OCTOBER 2012 [pdf]


Real Estate & Construction 

  • Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine Adopted
  • Cabinet of Ministers Abolished the Compulsory Certification of Hotels

Banking & Finance

  • New Law to Help Banks Deal with Unscrupulous Debtors Evading Repayment of Loans
  • NBU Approved Regulations on the Register of Commercial Agents (Sales Representatives) of Banks by Decree No. 386 dd. 20.09.2012
  • NBU Has Set the Maximum Interest Rate for Subordinated Debt in Precious Metals
  • Law No. 5248 – VI Amending the Law “On Banks and Banking” regarding the Establishment of the State Land Bank Adopted
  • The Law “On Amending Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding the Functioning of Payment Systems and the Development of Non-cash Accounts” Entered into Force
  • NBU Decree Approving the Regulation on NBU’s Applying Interventions for Breach of Banking Law Entered into Force
  • The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Started Placing Treasury Bearer Bonds in Documentary Form of Series A in the Amount of USD 100 million
  • NBU Resolution Approving the Rules for Electronic Interaction between the Respondents and the National Bank Entered into Force

− Changes in the Rules for Storage, Protection, Use and Disclosure of Bank Secrecy Entered into Force

Labour Law

  • High Specialized Court of Ukraine Formed Its Position on Considering Labor Disputes


  • Computer-aided Matching System Is Not a Proof in a Tax Dispute

Tax Law

  • The Parliament of Ukraine Registered the Bill No. 11285 “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding Further Improvement of Tax and Duty Administration”

Healthсare and Pharmaceutics

  • Approval of the Procedure on Partial Reimbursement of the Cost of Medicinal Products Aimed to Treat Persons with Essential Hypertension
  • The Draft Law on Ukraine’s Accession to the Convention on the Elaboration of the European Pharmacopoeia
  • Decriminalization in the Pharmaceutical Sector Endorsed by Public Authorities
  • Draft Order Permitting Storage of Medicinal Products and Related Products Purchased for Public Funds in the Premises of Pharmacies
  • Public Consultation on the Draft Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Licensing Terms of Conducting of Commercial Activity Related to Manufacture of Medicinal Products, Wholesale, Retail in Medicinal Products”
  • Simplifying the Conformity Assessment Procedures for Medical Devices, Active Medical Devices That Are Implanted, and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices
  • A Draft Law “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine Regarding Trade in Medicinal Products in Rural Areas”
  • Regulation on the Register of Wholesale Prices for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices
  • Differentiated Mark-ups for Regulated Medicinal Products Become Effective as of January 1, 2012
  • Declaring Changes in Wholesale Prices for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices to Be Purchased for State or Local Public Funds
  • Abolition of the Order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine dd. 17.08.2012 No. 639 “On Approval of the List of OTC Medicinal Products Banned for Advertising”
  • Draft Order on Scheduled Measures of State Supervision (Control) over Compliance of Business Entities with License Terms for Economic Activity in the Sphere of Turnover of Narcotics, Psychotropic Substances or Precursors
  • Draft Law “On the Specifics of Activity of Healthcare Institutions of Ukraine”
  • Meeting of the Working Group for Developing Systemic Proposals in Order to Improve the Language Legislation of Ukraine


  • Procedure for Determining the Local Content Entered into Force
  • National Commission on Utility Services Approved the Tariff Methodology Based of Incentive Regulation
  • List of Mines for Privatization Approved

Food & Drinks

  • Public Consultation on the Draft Technical Regulation Concerning Organic Production and Labeling of Food Products and Yeast
  • Bill on Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (on Preventing the Spread of Beer Alcoholism)
  • Bill “On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on Reducing the Number of Permissive Documents to Be Obtained by Food Market Operators”
  • Bill “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Grapes and Grape Wine” (Relating to the State Supervision (Control) in Terms of Compliance with the Rules of Wine Production and Vineyard Keeping)”
  • Bill “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding Informing Citizens on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Content in Food Products”
  • Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Approval of Criteria for Assessment of Risks from Economic Activity Subject to State Control over Compliance with Legislation on Protection of Consumers’ Rights”
  • Bill “On Feed”
  • Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Approval of Procedure for Issuing Licenses for Production and Circulation of Spirits, Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products to Economic Entities”
  • Bill on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On State Regulation of Production and Circulation of Ethyl Alcohol, Cognac and Fruit Spirits, Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products” (as to Sale of Alcoholic and Low-alcohol Beverages in Residential Sector)
  • Bill “On Amendments to Article 230 of the Tax Code of Ukraine” (on Export/Import of Spirits and Alcoholic Beverages from Excise Warehouses)


  • Ministry of Agrarian Policy amended provision “On attestation and clearance of breeders for reproduction for breeding purposes”
  • Ministry of Agrarian Policy approves new forms for documents necessary for land auctions
  • Ministry of Agrarian Policy approves procedure to procurement of land planning, land assessment services and determination of a land auction administrator on a competitive basis
  • Parliament of Ukraine took as basis the Bill “On amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine (as to turnover of agricultural land)”
  • Parliament of Ukraine took as basis the Bill on amendments to section X “Transitional Provisions” of the Land Code of Ukraine as to regulation of auction conduction issues
  • Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine passed resolution to amend paragraph 1 of the Procedure for issuance of grain and its derived products quality certificate
  • Cabinet of Ministers sets minimum price for sugar with its resolution on amendments to attachment to resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of April 11, 2012 No. 290
  • Parliament of Ukraine took as basis Bill on amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Agricultural Cooperation”
  • Ministry of Agrarian Policy approves Requirements to participation of insurance companies (insurers) in insurance of agricultural productions with state support
  • Ministry of Agrarian Policy approves Provision on Unified State Animal Register
  • Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine amended “Procedure for distribution of economic entities according to risk level of their activity in the sphere of plant quarantine”

Customs Law

  • Two Birds with One Amendment …

Maritime Law

  • Optimization of Cargo Execution Procedures according to European Standards: What Is the Mechanism?

Arzinger Success Stories

  • Arzinger Is Recognized by IFLR 1000 2013
  • Markian Malskyy, Partner at Arzinger, among 10 most successful top-managers in Lviv region
  • Arzinger represents interests of Zavod Promstan Ltd. at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
  • Lawyers of the West Ukrainian Branch of Arzinger Successfully Protected Interests of a Foreign Company in Arbitration Proceedings

Arzinger Events

  • International Conference “Latest Issues of the International Commercial Arbitration”, Co-organized by Arzinger, Took Place in Odessa
  • Arzinger Academy Legal Days: Business Breakfast “Tendencies and Practice of the Antimonopoly Regulation in Food Industry and Retail”