No. 74 - September 2012


Newsletter No. 74 SEPTEMBER 2012 [pdf]


Real Estate & Construction

  • Changes in the Land Code of Ukraine Regarding Legal Entities with Foreign Capital
  • Rights to Land and Property Located Thereon Will Be Possible to Register by Filing One Application
  • On January 1, 2013 the State Register of Mortgages and the State Register of Transactions Will Cease to Exist
  • New Procedure for Alienation of Land for Public Purposes and for Reasons of Social Necessity
  • Simplified Procedure for Delimitation of State and Municipal Land. The State Land Bank Legitimized
  • People’s Deputy Suggests Extending the Land Moratorium until at Least January 1, 2014

Antitrust Law

  • The Procedure for Application to AMCU for Exemption from Liability for Anticompetitive Concerted Actions
  • Arzinger Strengthens Its Antitrust and Competition Practice

Corporate Law / M&A

  • National Commission on Securities and Stock Market (NCSSM) Updated the Stock Issue Registration Procedure
  • Ukraine Will Establish a Central Depository
  • The Cabinet of Ministers Will Give the Airport Boryspil for Concession

Healthсare and Pharmaceutics

  • Draft Order of MOH Amending the License Terms Promulgated
  • Amendments to the Law of Ukraine on Medicinal Products Regarding Intellectual Property
  • MOH Issued a Draft Order on Partial Reimbursement of the Cost of Medicinal Products
  • New Rules for Clinical Trials of Medical Equipment and Medical Devices Entered into Force
  • Amendments to the Procedure of Medicinal Products Quality Control
  • WHO Pilot Project Responding to Medicinal Products Counterfeiting


  • A Bill Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding the Regulation of Business Entities’ activities in the Field of Utility Services No. 10368 Adopted on First Reading
  • On September 19, 2012 the Cabinet of Ministers Adopted Order No. 728-р On Approving the Corporatization of State Coal Mines by 2014
  • Biogasrat+ in Cooperation with Lawyers of Arzinger Generated the Report “Biogas Production and Use in Ukraine”

Food & Drinks

  • Product Safety
  • Investigation of Retailers’ Practices
  • Tougher Sanctions for Competition Violations
  • Bill on New Food Products Recommended by the Healthcare Committee
  • Regulation of Milk and Dairy Products’ Market
  • Regulation of the Sugar Market in Ukraine
  • Regulation of the State Support for Agriculture of Ukraine
  • Proposed Changes to the Law of Ukraine on Standardization
  • Regulation of Information for Food Consumers
  • Minimum Retail Prices for Tobacco Products
  • State Regulation of Food Safety
  • A Ban on Tobacco Advertising
  • Changes to the Public Procurement Procedure


  • The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Approved the Procedure for Recognizing Risks in Agriculture as Disastrous and for the Provision and Use of Budgetary Credits (State Financial Aid) in Case of Their Occurrence
  • The Ministry of Agriculture Approved the Rules for Using the Beneficial Properties of Forests
  • The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Approved the Financing Procedure for Agricultural Projects
  • The Parliament of Ukraine Adopted as a Basis the Draft Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Improvement of Procedures to Allocate Land Plots and Change Their Purpose
  • The Parliament of Ukraine Adopted the Draft Law on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Deregulation of Economic Activities for the Works on Land Management and Land assessment
  • The Parliament of Ukraine Adopted the Draft Law on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on the Guarantee Fund of Obligations under Warehouse Receipts for Grain
  • The Parliament of Ukraine Adopted the Draft Law on Agrarian Receipts
  • The Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine Established a Fee for the Use of Budget Loans by Grain Producers at the Rate of 6.8%
  • The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Allocated UAH 4 090 780 to Provide Financial Aid to Agricultural Enterprises That Had Suffered Losses as a Result of the Emergency, Which Occurred on June 9, 2012 in Lviv Region
  • The Ministry Agriculture Approved the Animal Health Requirements for Facilities Producing Beekeeping Products
  • The Cabinet of Ministers Amended the Procedure for Forward State Procurement of Grain
  • The Parliament of Ukraine Adopted the Draft Law of Ukraine on Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine Concerning the Acquisition of Land Ownership
  • The Parliament of Ukraine Registered a Draft Law on Strengthened Measures to Combat Counterfeiting of Dairy Products
  • The Parliament of Ukraine Adopted the Law on Amendments to the Law on Banks and Banking Regarding the State Land Bank

Dispute Resolution

  • 10 Questions: Resolving Disputes Involving Russian аnd CIS Companies / Financier Worldwide /

Arzinger Success Stories

  • Lawyers of Arzinger Successfully Defended Interests of One of the Largest Pharmaceutical Holdings in Ukraine in 5 Labour Disputes
  • Maksym Cherkasenko, Partner at Arzinger, ranked by Kyiv Post among TOP 10 Rising Stars in Ukraine’s legal business