Np. 73 - August 2012


Newsletter No. 73 AUGUST 2012 [pdf]


Real Estate & Construction

  • Draft Law of Ukraine “On Land Market”
  • Simplification of Declarative Procedures in Construction: Implementation of an Electronic Filing System and Approval of Shorter Forms of Documents
  • Amendments to the Land Code Regarding the Land Bidding Procedure Entered into Force
  • The Bill on Technical Inventory Vetoed by the President
  • The Heading on a Superintendent’s Qualification Certificate Removed from the Declaration of Readiness of an Object for Operation

Banking & Finance

  • Amendments to the Regulation on Order and Terms of Foreign Currency Trade
  • The General Department for Monetary and Credit Policy of the NBU Explains Certain Issues Related to Prohibition of Granting Consumer Loans in Foreign Currency
  • Verkhovna Rada Adopted the Law “On Realization of Social Initiatives of the President of Ukraine Regarding Cheapening of the Cost of Mortgage Loans”
  • Amendments to the Order on Cheapening of the Cost of Mortgage Loans for Providing with Affordable Housing Citizens, in Need of Housing Conditions Improvement
  • The Law “On Introduction of Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (Regarding Functioning of Payment Systems and Development of Cashless Settlements)” Adopted in the First Reading

Antitrust Law

  • The Cabinet of Ministers Approved the Bill on State Aid to Business Entities Drafted by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
  • The European Commission Publishes Guidance on Application of Competition Rules in Car Sector
  • Tax Law
  • The State Tax Service of Ukraine Issued Letter No. 20001/7/15-1217 dd. 24.07.2012 Providing Guidelines for the Tax Authorities Regarding the Algorithm for Determining the Normal Price of Products (Goods) in Foreign Trade Operations

Healthсare and Pharmaceutics

  • Changes to the Licensing Terms for Medicines Retail and Wholesale
  • Changes to the Quality Control Procedure for Import of Medicines to Ukraine
  • CMU Sets Quotas for Ketamine
  • Procedure Approval of Prior Inspection before Issuing a Medicines Manufacture, Wholesale and Retail License
  • List of Medicines Banned for Advertising
  • Changes to the Provision on the State Service on Medicinal Products – Preparation for Implementation of Licensing Procedure of Medicines Import
  • Regulation on the Procedure for Customs Warehouses Opening
  • Change of the Procedure for Registration of Medicines and Medical Deviсes
  • Recommendations for Inspecting Medicines Facilities
  • Changes to the Procedure for Issuance of Permits for Import from, Export to and Transit through Ukraine of Narcotics, Psychotropic Substances and Precursors
  • Changes to Licensing Terms for Medical Practice
  • Approval of the Procedure for Maintenance of the State Register of Medical Equipment and Medical Devices
  • Changes to Technical Regulations Governing Requirements Concerning Medical Devices
  • Increasing of Control of Turnover of Medicines containing Small Amounts of Narcotics, Psychotropic Substances or Precursors
  • State Regulation of Medicines Prices Is Extended
  • New Attempt to Implement Compulsory Medical Insurance
  • Changes to the State Procurement Procedure
  • Procedure for Export of Medicines as Humanitarian Aid Was Settled


  • Water and Heat Meters Will Be Mandatory
  • CHPP Privatization
  • City Gas Companies Privatization
  • Car Eco-Standards Raised
  • Wind and Solar Parks Will Be Built in Chernobyl Zone

Food & Drinks

  • The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Proposes to Establish a Unified State Register of Equipment for the Alcohol and Cigarettes Production
  • The Influence of the “Language Law” on Product Labeling
  • Clarification by the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine Regarding Baby Food

Customs Law

  • Clarifications to the Law of Ukraine “On Industrial Parks”
  • On Extending the Period for Temporary Admission of Goods


  • The Ministry of Agriculture Approved the List of Questions Used When Checking Compliance of Entities with the Land Law and the Form of the Inspection Report
  • The State Tax Service of Ukraine Issued Letter Providing Guidelines for the Tax Authorities Regarding the Algorithm for Determining the Normal Price of Products (Goods) in Foreign Trade Operations
  • The Ministry of Agricultural Policy Extended the Term of Applicable Regulations, Specifications, Instructions and Other Legal Acts of Ukraine and the former Soviet Union by 01.01.2014
  • The Ministry of Agricultural Policy Approved the Form of Documents for Rendering Financial Support to Agricultural Entities through the Mechanism of Lease Payment Compensation, and Similarly through the Credit Cheapening Mechanism
  • The Parliament of Ukraine Adopted the Law “On Amending Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Determination of Terms of Delivery”
  • The Parliament of Ukraine Passed the Law “On Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine Concerning Land Auctions” Amending the Land Code in Terms of Land Auction Procedure
  • The National Commission on Regulation of Financial Service Markets of Ukraine Published the Draft Regulation That Defines the Requirements for State-supported Insurance of Agricultural Products