Fourth Annual Winter Forum of the UAA on Criminal Law and Procedure

The Ukrainian Advocates’ Association is pleased to invite the Fourth Annual Forum of the UAA on Criminal Law and Procedure which will be held on December 17, 2014 in Rus Hotel (4, Hospitalna Str., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine).

The purpose of the Forum is the exchange of experience between experts, discussion of urgent problems which arise in the course of conduct of the defence in criminal cases and improvement of professional skills of attorneys-at-law.

Representatives of the Prosecutor Military's Office and the Prosecutor General's Office, the Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, judges of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine and the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, Director of the Coordination Center of Provision of Legal Aid A.V. Vyshnevsky, well-known attorneys-at-law and lawyers: Y.P.Zeikan, O.O.Vdovychen, O.A. Plakhotnyuk, M.I. Siryi, A.A. Sitsko, O.Y. Kostyuchenko and other will participate in the event.

The most topical issues of criminal law and procedure are among topics of reports, including:

  •  The practice of investigation of criminal cases by the Prosecutor Military's Office.
  •  Prosecution reform. Law of Ukraine on Prosecution.
  •  The new anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine: application and perspectives.
  •  Judicial Reform in Ukraine.
  •  Perspectives of amendments in the legislation on the Bar towards European integration.
  •  The vision of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine of the strategy of development of the Bar, prosecution and judicial system.
  •  cassational review in criminal proceedings.
  •  Problematic issues of application of the criminal procedural legislation, etc.

The special participation fee of 900 UAH and of 800 UAH for members of the UAA is available until November 30, 2014.







More information about the Forum and possibilities of registration can be received at the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association, tel.: +38 (044) 491 69 71; mob.: (067) 441 27 10; (050) 351 74 33; (067) 501 56 10; (050) 609 90 71 or on the website: http://www.uaa.org.ua/news/3/3833/

Contact persons: Anna Aksionova, Julia Savchuk.

As regards partnership issues please contact tel.: +38 (044) 491 69 71; mob.: (067) 441 27 10; (050) 351 74 33; (067) 50 156 10 or on the website:http://www.uaa.org.ua/news/3/3833/?bitrix_include_areas=Y&clear_cache=Y


 Contact person: Anna Aksionova.