Arzinger Academy Legal Days: Business-breakfast “Topical Issues of Labor Legislation. What pharmaceutical companies should know“

On 20 January 2012 Arzinger Law Office continued a series of workshops as part of Arzinger Academy Legal Days, having gathered representatives of international and domestic pharmaceutical companies at the business breakfast on “Topical Issues of Labor Legislation. What pharmaceutical companies should know.“ Speakers were Pavlo Khodakovsky, Partner at Arzinger and Evgenia Novichkova, Senior Associate.

In her report Evgenia Novichkova highlighted the following issues: definition, fixation and reduction of duties; specifics of telecommuting, legislative regulation and regulation in internal documents, protected categories of employees, as well as the corporate-labor aspect of company officers’ status, including liabilities of such persons under civil (corporate) and employment law.

The latest trends in court practice related to labor disputes were referred to by Pavlo Khodakovsky. He also addressed the issue of the Draft Labor Code and its particular innovations.

Following the presentations, participants of the business breakfast were given the opportunity to ask questions to experts and share their experiences with colleagues.