Protection of Rights and Interests of Business Entities in Legal Relations with the Bodies of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

The monograph by Sergiy ShklyarFounding Partner of Arzinger and President of the Association for Resistance to Unfair Competition published in December 2014 is an amended and improved edition of his eponymous PhD thesis in law. The study is dedicated to the problem of ensuring effective representation of business entities in competition law application procedures. In particular, the author of the book emphasizes the need to improve a number of procedural mechanisms to balance the rights of the defendant and the antitrust authority conducting the relevant investigation. Partners and employees of Arzinger are qualified professionals with extensive practical experience in a wide range of legal issues, scientific approach and deep theoretical knowledge.

In his publications, Sergiy Shklyar has always emphasized the importance of a constructive dialogue between the AMCU and businesses based on the competence of law enforcement, respect for private property and free enterprise, as well as the balance between state intervention and the effect expected. At the same time, his monograph contains an analysis of the existing competition law provisions regarding the prosecution for offenses in the area of economic competition, which do not adequately provide for the said balance, as they have no protective effect against undue interference of public authorities in business activities. Also, Sergiy Shklyar’s monograph provides an overview of the most recent foreign approaches applied in competition proceedings.

The monograph will be interesting for attorneys-at-law, judges, officials of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, lawyers, academics, teachers, and students of higher educational establishments.

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