One of the alternative (pre-trial) dispute resolution means is mediation. Mediation is a form of participation in a dispute as unprejudiced third party having a task to solve the problem for mutual satisfaction of both parties.

Experts of Arzinger are experienced in pre-trial dispute resolution with taking into account interests and needs of the client, saving its time and decreasing costs of the procedure of dispute resolution.

In the framework of pre-trial practice experts of our company apply the method of mediation – professional negotiating assisting in amicable dispute resolution.

Attorneys of Arzinger will help to reach an agreement which will allow taking into account all dispute sides, come up with a solution satisfactory for both parties, ensure preservation of partner relations between the parties and possibility to conduct joint activity as well as ensure the confidentiality of disputes.

Though the practice of mediation is rather new inUkraineand is not yet often considered by the conflicting parties, it should not be underestimated. Cost-effectiveness of settling disputes through mediation combined with experience of our mediators, who gained it in well-known European law firms, as well as their excellent diplomatic skills, should be given adequate assessment in comparison with litigation.

Mediation method of Arzinger is based on the principle of “win-win situation” for all parties.


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