Being the ultimate goal of the (successful) litigation, enforcement of the court decision often appears to be rather complicated, if not illusionary. The ambiguous and sometimes missing legislation, added up with lingering actions of state enforcement officers might question the victory over the opponent in the court proceedings.

Therefore enforcement of the court decisions inUkrainesometimes requires not less efforts than representing the case in the court. Bearing in mind these obstacles it is our duty to warn the client, as well as to perform asset-tracing of the potential opponent yet before initiating court proceedings.

Our lawyers are closely familiar with the legislation regulating enforcement of court decisions inUkraine, as well as have experience in supporting enforcement of all kinds. Our profound knowledge of all possible guerilla tactics of the opponents provides us the possibility for efficient counteraction.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in supporting decisions which are subject to enforcement under the Laws of Ukraine. This includes those made by Ukrainian and foreign courts, as well as those made by other designated authorities.

The principal services rendered by our company are as follows:

  • Representing the interests of natural and legal persons, as well as creditors and debtors, to competent state authorities
  • Filing documents and enforcing the execution of legal decisions
  • Support with and control over the enforcement of court decisions by the authorities of the state executive service, as pursuant to regulations of the Law of Ukraine On Enforcement Procedure.
  • Legal analysis of various angles and results of enforcement documents; the expediency of enforcing court decisions.
  • Protection of infringed rights of parties involved in enforcement procedures.

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