Private Clients

Wealthy individuals, private entrepreneurs and family businesses have specific interests and needs that our legal advice is tailored for. The key point is to preserve and protect the assets, to multiply them, to minimize the burden, and, if possible, to transfer the assets as neutrally as possible to family members. Owners of private or corporate assets often want their life’s work to continue after their death (testaments, trusts). To ensure the above, appropriate measures should be taken during their lifetime.

A particular difficulty in servicing such clients is an interdisciplinary approach. To advise responsibly, a law firm must have competent staff and be aware of the complexity of such matters. Other indispensable conditions are in-depth knowledge of national and partly international law, particularly in the areas of corporate law, tax law, family law, and inheritance law.

Along with professional competence, legal support of family businesses and private customers requires confidence. In this regard, as well as in matters of legal support, we are guided by international standards. It stands to reason for us as legal professionals that the trusting relationships with clients must be preserved under any circumstances.




 Private Clients 


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