In a market economy the flow of capital to the most profitableareas of business is an objective and natural process. This leads to redistribution of property from ineffective business entities to those that are more successful and efficient. With a sharp drop in demand for goods and services, mass defaults on credit agreementsand appreciation of loan funds, some investors, owners orcompany managers find themselves in needof business reorganization, reallocation of investment funds or sometimes even termination of a business.

A versatile tool for such transformations is the competent and professional application of legislation on insolvency. Bankruptcy is a rather convenient legal mechanism to address many complex issues related to a company’s business activity in favor of the client.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in restoring a debtor’s solvency and in bankruptcy proceedings, both at the stage of pre-trial settlement and in court proceedings. We render a full scope of services for all key aspects of the bankruptcy procedure, such as the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, submission of claims, participation in creditors’committees, disposal of assets, reorganization, and liquidation of a company.

Arzinger provides legal and consulting support for companyat all stages of bankruptcy proceedings and provides the following services:

  • Analyzing a company’s financial standing and providing recommendations on the most appropriate options for liquidation, either by way of non-judicial procedure or through bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Advising on Ukrainian legislation in the field of bankruptcy and its practical enforcement;
  • Advising on specifics of different types of bankruptcy proceedingsin Ukraine;
  • Providing services of highly-qualified trustees in bankruptcy (receivers, rehabilitation managers, liquidators);
  • Economic, legal, and social expertise;
  • Developing a project implementation scheme;
  • Turn key solutions for bankruptcy procedures;
  • Representation of client’s interests at court, tax, regulatory and law enforcement authorities;
  • Selling a bankrupt’s assets;
  • Developing and implementing a scheme for a company’s protection from hostile takeovers;
  • Conducting M&A procedures;
  • Collecting bad debts;
  • Liquidation through non-judicial procedure with deregistration at all public agencies;
  • Providing services for fast-track liquidation of a company;
  • Supporting clients in cross-border bankruptcy proceedings.

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