Government Relations


Government relations 


Arzinger Law Office has been representing the interests of big business in the relations with governmental institutions for ten years already.

  • How to set up a mutually beneficial cooperation in the public-private sector?
  • How to obtain guarantees for the rights and interests of private business in transactions with the government?
  • What relief mechanisms should be provided in investment contracts involving the government?

These and many other questions need to be resolved before launching a project in which the interests of private business and the government first come together in a single point, and then go two diametrically different directions.

Knowing this, and the razor-edge that is important to keep on in the pre-negotiations, we consider it essential (and this is confirmed by our experience!) to foresee, to analyze and to warn you about the risks of the planned collaboration.

We are not trying to get the result at any cost and therefore deliberately do not call ourselves lobbyists, because we believe that in today’s Ukraine there is no acceptable model of lobbying that would be safe for a business.

Our experience

The industries, in which we have effectively represented the interests of businesses in their relations with the government:

  • Construction;
  • Chemicals;
  • Energy, alternative energy sources;
  • Transport and traffic;
  • Life sciences and healthcare;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Food and Beverages;
  • Innovation and research.

Our goals and principles in any GR project:

  • Risk forecasting and prevention;
  • Efficient cooperation with Mass Media in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Responsibility for the solutions offered;
  • Strategic vision and systematic approach.

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