Anti-Corruption Compliance and Business Ethics



Anti-Corruption Compliance and Business Ethics 



Arzinger was named among the winners as the Best Business Protection Law Firm and the Best Compliance Law Firm of the Year according to the results of the Ukrainian Legal Awards 2016.

Today, ethics and fighting corruption are among the most burning issues for international business. In particular, significant changes in the anti-corruption field have taken place in Ukraine. They comprise the adoption of the new anti-corruption law and establishment of independent agencies to actively combat corruption. Many anti-corruption changes concern the private sector. Therefore, compliance issues as well as standards for doing business in compliance with anticorruption laws require increased attention. It should be noted that deviations from the ethical principles and rules of anti-corruption legislation may entail material civil or criminal sanctions for legal entities or even prosecution of companies’ officials.

Our Anti-corruption Compliance and Business Ethics lawyers have been helping our clients since 2011 to arrange their activities in conformity with the legal requirements and to promptly respond to other challenges in the relevant area.

Our Anti-corruption Compliance and Business Ethics lawyers are actively involved in key organisations which contribute to establishing the highest ethical standards, dialogue and anti-corruption awareness in the society and business. Thus, Timur Bondaryev, Managing Partner of Arzinger, is a Board Member at Transparency International Ukraine.

Apart from that, our Anti-corruption Compliance and Business Ethics lawyers are active participants in various working groups at public business associations dealing with the practical implementation of anti-corruption legislation; the process of reforming and maintaining an active fight against corruption; application of international standards in combatting corruption; development of effective compliance programs for members of the private sector and other important issues in the relevant field.



  • Drafting anti-corruption policies

Arzinger’s lawyers provide services of drafting anti-corruption policies and codes of ethics for clients, with due consideration of the companies’ business processes.

  • Anti-corruption Due Diligence

The team audits clients and their contractors in terms of their compliance with the anti-corruption legislation.

  • Internal investigations

Arzinger’s lawyers conduct internal investigations into violations of anti-corruption legislation and companies’ corporate policies.

  • Risk assessment

Arzinger’s lawyers assess the business processes of our clients in terms of potential corruption risks and provide recommendations on how to handle them.

  • Staff training

Our team conducts workshops for the clients’ staff to familiarize the latter with the requirements and restrictions under the anti-corruption legislation as well as the companies’ internal policies.

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