Information Technology (IT)

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Within our IP practice we created a business line aimed at provision of legal services for clients working in the IT sphere: software developers, on-line shops, file hosting services, Internet-based companies etc.

In development of this business line our main task is to procure development of science and technology in Ukraine. This is why our clients comprise not only big or middle-sized companies but technological start-ups as well.

For our IT clients we provide the full range of services beginning with registration of legal entities up to defense of interests in disputes with tax authorities or structuring major international deals.

Our successful projects include:

  • elaborating a copyright protection system for a major bank within a software development project;
  • advising the biggest global software manufacturer on digital signature use in Ukraine;
  • defending employees of one of the biggest Ukrainian file hosting service in a criminal case.

Dawn Raids

As any other booming market, IT market is lately subject to close attention of state authorities. Due to such attention in 2011-2012 a number of high-tech business have been forced to suspend their activity because of unstopping inspections by law enforcement, tax and other supervisory authorities.

Our lawyers specialize at protection of clients’ interests by conduction of operational or investigative actions of law enforcement authorities and execute a number of measures for protection of a company from different “visits” on the part of the police, prosecution office, Security Service of Ukraine, tax authorities etc., including:

  • preparation of rules of conduct for employees in case of law enforcement authority’s visit;
  • drafting of necessary internal documents;
  • conduction of practical workshops for employees training them how to behave with people in uniform till attorneys arrive.


In 2011 Kaspersky Lab counted that 5% of all cyber-crimes worldwide originate from Ukraine; here Ukraine loses only to USA (25% of all cyber-crimes), Russia (15%), Holland (10%) and Germany (9%).

As according to Symantec total damages from cyber-crimes in 2011 in the world amount to 388 billion dollars, Ukraine’s part makes up 19.4 billion dollars which is ½ of Ukraine’s budget revenues in 2012.

Our attorneys represent interest of international and Ukrainian clients which suffered from hackers in any way and:

  • assist to seize cash stolen through client-bank programs within shortest possible term;
  • ensure recovery of stolen cash after end of a criminal investigation.

We work on this type of crimes in cooperation with ITG5, a company specialized in complex informational protection of firms which allows us effective:

  • contribution to investigation of criminal cases as to theft of confidential information (databases) and/or money; 
  • conduction of computer expert examinations in order to determine the type of data theft. 

Moreover, we provide our clients with legal and technical services on data theft protection, including:

  • complex legal and technical due diligence of the existing corporate data protection system, recommendations as to or installation of required protection tools;
  • development of internal guidelines for employees as to detection of and counteraction to cyber-attacks or mitigation of related adverse effects; or
  • respective trainings for employees.