Life Sciences & Healthcare

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Healthcare and Pharmaceutics


 Arzinger was recognized as the law firm of the year in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals according to Legal Awards 2015.


The International Who's Who of Life Sciences 2015 recommended Lana Sinichkina, Partner and Head of Life Sciences & Healthcare, among the top experts in life sciences and healthcare in Ukraine. 

Our services in Life Sciences &d Healthcare include legal support for our clients operating in various industries, such as pharmaceutics, medical services, diagnostics, medicinal products and medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and biotechnologies.

Life Sciences & Healthcare is among Arzinger’s top priorities. Our team is comprised of lawyers and patent attorneys having experience in leading pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations institutions and healthcare facilities. Depending on the goals and specifics of a project, we retain, if necessary, lawyers from other practices with a special focus on specific fields of law.

Close cooperation with professional associations allows us to keep abreast of the developments and immediately inform our clients about the latest trends in the healthcare sector and regulatory changes. 

Within the project Arzinger Legal Days we hold our monthly business breakfasts for representatives of the pharmaceutical and medical business, where the participants have an opportunity to discuss urgent market issues and to share their experience.

We provide our clients with high-class legal service based on the symbiosis of our legislative knowledge, our personal touch and our in-depth expertise.

The scope of our services in Life Sciences & Healthcare includes inter alia regulatory issues, IP issues, competition, and data protection, in particular:

  • Legal advice on antitrust and competition law issues
  • Legal advice on regulatory issues of the pharmaceutical business (pricing, licensing terms etc.)
  • Legal support for registration, protection and transfer of intellectual property rights
  • Legal advice on advertising and other promotion types for medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics
  • Legal support in the manufacture of medicinal products and medical devices, cosmetics
  • Legal support in the import of medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetic products (including, fight against parallel imports)
  • Legal advice on sale of medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics in Ukraine (wholesale and retail)
  • Legal advice on localization of pharmaceutical production in Ukraine;
  • Legal advice on contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in Ukraine
  • Comprehensive legal support for clinical trials of medicinal products
  • Legal advice on public procurement of medicinal products and medical devices
  • Legal advice on personal data protection
  • Legal advice on business structure and business process organization
  • Legal support for licensing of medical activity
  • Comprehensive legal support for healthcare institutions
  • Representation of doctors and patients in conflict situations
  • Legal advice on powers and legal support by inspections of law enforcement or supervisory authorities
  • Legal advice on state regulatory policy
  • Representation before all court instances on any disputes; pre-trial dispute resolution; mediation
  • Legal support for import, registration, and promotion of food and dietary supplements;
  • Development and implementation of compliance programs (including antitrust, anti-corruption, personal data protection policies etc.)