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Food & Beverage Industry



On 26 September 2014, the Minster of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine awarded Arzinger’s lawyers, who participated in the working group to determine the regulatory policy mechanisms in the dairy market of Ukraine, for diligent work, high professionalism and significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian legislation and its adaptation to EU standards.

Our Food & Beverage lawyers provide legal assistance to manufacturers of food products, including dietary supplements, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and mineral water, retail chains and restaurant businesses. We advise leading international and national companies on all issues of the applicable law with a focus on regulatory aspects, competition and intellectual property law.

Our team consists of experienced associates and patent attorneys with working experience in top alcoholic beverage companies, major food manufacturing companies; mineral water, soft drinks, sparkling and still drinking water producers, in legal departments of large retail chains, as well as in legal support for hospitality businesses.

The modern food industry is one of the fastest growing and most competitive sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Extensive legal regulations applicable to the food & beverage industry and other related industries in Ukraine are subject to regular changes. Thus, due to Ukraine’s commitment under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement to bring the legislation in the food processing sector into line with the European Union law. Our Food & Beverage lawyers are actively involved in the development and discussion of regulatory legal acts aimed at harmonizing the Ukrainian legislation with the EU law.

Due to our in-depth expertise, we help our clients to keep abreast of both legislative changes and trends in legal regulations. We also prepare internal trainings and instructions for them to ensure awareness and compliance with the relevant standards, thus protecting their business from adverse effects. We help them predict changes in the legal field and to shape up their business processes in accordance with the effective or expected changes.

We have extensive experience in representing our clients’ interests in relations with supervisory and regulatory authorities and support our clients in inspections conducted by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. 

As part of the Arzinger Legal Days, we arrange business breakfasts for representatives of food manufacturers and restaurant businesses, where participants have an opportunity to discuss urgent market issues and to share their experience. 

The symbiosis of legal expertise, a personal-touch approach to each assignment and our practical knowledge of industry business enable us to offer our clients the highest level of legal services.

Our Food & Beverage services include the following:


  • advising on regulatory issues;
  • advising on antitrust and competition law;
  • supporting of registration, protection and transfer of intellectual property;
  • advising on advertisement and other types of promotion;
  • legal support for production, import and export of food products;
  • consulting in the area of food sales in Ukraine;
  • advising on tax issues;
  • advising on personal data protection;
  • advising on corporate law issues;
  • advising on labour law issues;
  • representation of manufacturers in conflict situations with consumers;
  • conducting complex and specialized audits;
  • advising on powers of law enforcement and supervising authorities, legal support by inspections of respective authorities;
  • litigation;
  • advising on real estate and construction issues;
  • consulting on project financing;
  • developing and implementing compliance programmes and trainings.