Agricultural business is a dynamically developing industry in Ukraine, due, among other things, to its natural resources and global trends.

Arzinger has long-term experience in the agricultural industry and provides consulting services to agricultural holdings, companies and farm enterprises on issues of land use (incl. specific of Ukrainian land market for foreign companies and how to handle it), legislation relating to water and natural resources, environmental laws, trade, debt financing, energy, regulatory and other ongoing matters of the agricultural business.

We have extensive experience in advising agricultural companies that produce, process and distribute food products.

We also assist clients with the acquisition of agricultural enterprises, including the conduct of legal due diligence, transactional and post-transactional legal support.

Our goal is to achieve results and to find the most optimal solutions for issues and problems encountered by our clients in their business operation. We assist our clients with ensuring effective business operations under conditions of ever changing legislation. We understand that there is no business without transactions and are keen to make all our clients’ transactions effective and safe as possible. We constructively “build” all transactions and bring them to a successful completion. We assist our clients with improvement of their businesses and entering to new markets.

Arzinger provides the following services for your agribusiness:

  • Establishment and support of day-to-day operations of the agribusiness;
  • Mergers and acquisitions – structuring of transactions, legal due diligence, transactional and post-transactional legal support;
  • Creation and development of the necessary agribusiness infrastructure;
  • Financing for agribusiness – equity financing, debt financing, attraction of foreign investors, access to capital markets, budget financing;
  • Consulting in energy related questions (biomass to energy);
  • Agricultural easements;
  • Land transactions (with specific for foreign companies), including freehold and leasehold conveyancing;
  • Tax planning for agribusiness;
  • Environmental matters and environmental management;
  • Consulting services on antitrust regulation ;
  • Restructuring of agribusiness;
  • Issues of state regulation on agriculture;
  • Dispute resolution.

Among our clients are agricultural holdings and companies, farm enterprises, enterprises of processing and the dairy products industry, manufacturers of agricultural equipment, plant protection means and mineral fertilizers as well as other companies connected to the agricultural business. Here some of them: Alfred C. Toepfer, Alois Poettinger, Bayer, Big Dutchman, Claas, Deutsches Agrarzentrum, Dukra Agro, Lembke, Lemken, Lesaffre, Meggle, Nufarm, Pfanner Agro, Pfeifer & Langen, Schaumann Agri, Soufflet Group / Slavutsky solodovyy zavod OJSC, Staphyt, Suntrade (Bunge Group), Tyche Commodity Trading, Unifer, Agrocultura Zakhid LLC, Galychina CJSC, Ukragrotrade SE, Ukrzernoprom Agro LLC, Ukrelevatorprom CJSC and others.

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