Ukrainian Law Firm Arzinger Implementing New Business Strategy, Open for New Business Partnership

Kyiv-based law firm Arzinger is launching a new development strategy. Change of status to an independent local firm and rebranding are the key elements of the new strategy.
Founded in 2002 in Kyiv, Ukraine, Arzinger & Partners Ukraine has become the network’s largest and most dynamic office. The Ukrainian law firm has been doubling its revenues and number of lawyers employed for 6 subsequent years. To sustain development dynamics, the firm is launching a new strategy including new markets expansion, practice areas increase and development, and joining international associations of independent law firms.
The Ukrainian firm has left Arzinger & Partners international network in February 2009 and joined three international associations of independent law firms. “We’ve become Arzinger & Partners network’s most dynamic office. Now, we see the way to sustain our development dynamics through joining international networks of independent law firms”, says Arzinger’s Managing Partner and co-founder Sergey Shklyar.
Unlike being part of international law firm, this membership does not involve exclusivity requirements. This allows Arzinger to choose partners abroad based on clients’ needs. “As a part of Arzinger & Partners network, we were able to provide services to our Ukrainian clients in Eastern European countries, Russia and Turkey. Lately Ukrainian companies are showing more interest in markets, such as Western Europe, America, China, where Arzinger & Partners does not have offices. By joining legal firms associations, we’ll be able to protect our clients’ interests in all five continents”, says Timur Bondaryev, Arzinger’s Senior Partner and co-founder.
Due to network secession, Arzinger is pursuing a rebranding that includes shortening the name and change of the logo. Keeping a part of its previous name, Arzinger, the firm also preserves all the best that has been accomplished through its history and valued by the clients: responsibility, high quality of services, partnership and the aspiration to exceed expectations. The new logo reflects the qualities that characterize the company at full: on one hand - stability and reliability, and on the other – dynamics and vigor.
Arzinger’s new strategy mirrors the firm’s internal changes: practice areas expansion and reinforcement, both through attracting partners from outside of the firm and through promoting its employees. In late February 2009 Ihor Tkach, a lawyer with 13 years of litigation experience, became the firm’s new partner. Arzinger will also build up its team by inviting off-counsels in a variety of practice areas: Alexander Zavadetsky (Capital Markets and Corporate Finance), Alexander Serebryakov (Bankruptcy), Andrey Kiyashko (Intellectual Property Rights), Andrey Kostin (M&A). The firm’s employees will also get a chance of internships abroad and experience exchange with lawyers of world’s top law companies.