July 06, 2019

On July 5, 2019 Markian Malskyy was appointed Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration by the President of Ukraine and quit Arzinger

In June 2019, Markian Malskyy was invited and agreed to head the Lviv Regional State Administration. On July 5, 2019 the President of Ukraine issued a decree on appointing Mr. Malsky Head of LRSA. Thus Mr. Malskyy has resigned as Partner of Arzinger, Head of the Western Ukrainian Branch and Head of International Disputes Resolution and Arbitration practice.

Markian Malskyy notes: “The proposal to head LRSA was completely unexpected. I hesitated a long as to whether I needed it. It’s not every day that the President of Ukraine invites you to take over such responsibility. However, my concern about the future of my native region and the desire to do my best for it carried the day.

I am very grateful to Timur Bondaryev for his support and understanding. Leaving the company I have worked in for the last 11 years has been an extremely difficult decision. However, acting as Head of LRSA is a task after which I plan to return to legal practice, as it has always been the most interesting activity for me.”

Timur Bondaryev comments the appointment: “We respect Markian’s decision. It’s a very honourable and responsible position, despite the fact that he quits legal practice in our law firm.
I would like to emphasize that we appreciate the contribution Markian has made to the development of ARZINGER during the 11 years he has been with us. Markiyan's efforts gave a new impetus for International Dispute Resolution and Arbitration. A strong team with great potential has been formed and will be further developed by Counsel Oksana Karel under my guidance. With Markian’s many years of participation, our West Ukrainian Branch has firmly taken a leading position in the region. A basis has been laid, which we will continue to develop, as it has been and remains ARZINGER’s priority and my personal responsibility.

I am sure that Markian’s international experience and connections will be useful for the region, will allow attracting more foreign investment to ultimately create new opportunities for all those working in the Western region, in particular, for us as a number 1 law firm in it. Apart from that, we remain good friends and are ready to support the administration through numerous pro bono projects and in-depth expertise in many industries.

In the end, we hope that after completing his duties as Head of LRSA Markian will return to us with new forces and unique experience that will allow us to continue cooperation with our clients at another, even higher level.”

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