Guide on Mergers and Acquisitions in CEE 2008

Timur Bondaryev

This M&A guide has been written by the international alliance of the law firm Arzinger & Partners with offices in Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, together with Mgaloblishvili, Kipiani, Dzidziguri (MKD) law firm (Georgia); Law firm SMALIUKAS, JUODKA, BENIUSIS IR PARTNERIAI (Lithuania); Law Firm Turcan&Turcan (Moldova) and Dr Alexander Fruehmann, LL.M. (Austria).

Based on a practical approach it covers a wide array of topics ranging from letters of intent to the particular nuances of international deals for both newcomers and experienced professionals in M&A transactions in Western Europe and the CIS. It details legal and regulatory environments for M&A processes and offers its readers valuable practical insight into the intricacies of the M&A process on the relevant markets.

Guide on Mergers and Acquisitions in CEE 20080_Mergers_and_Acquisitions_2008.pdf