Real Estate and Construction Guide 2008

Timur Bondaryev

This real estate and construction guide is designed to provide information to persons and companies interested in Ukrainian real estate market. It is intended to become your legal guide in various real estate transactions.

This guide contains complete data on legal regulation of real estate and recent developments in Ukrainian market. The present guide is also intended to outline the real estate construction process and the specific stages of construction activities from obtaining a construction permit to final setting the building into operation. This guide will be subject to changes following any subsequent legislative developments.

The information contained in this guide is based on practical experiences of Arzinger & Partners in real estate projects both in Ukraine and abroad. The international real estate and construction practice group of Arzinger & Partners is involved in various real estate issues including real estate purchase, construction, land plot development, financing of construction, maintenance of real estate objects, land lease and dispute resolution with regard to real estate objects.

Real Estate and Construction Guide 20080_Real_Estate_Guide_2008.pdf