ARTzinger Gallery

Several years ago Arzinger law firm opened ARTzinger gallery in its office. Since that time the most outstanding and interesting works of famous artists and photographers executed in various styles and genres have been presented in our gallery. Among them – exhibitions of such artists as Zubar Martiashvili and Elena and Evgen Kruglovy, Inna Panteleymonova, Tatyana Goryushina, Irina Klyba, and photographers – Igor Gayday and Sergey Mikhalchuk.

Since then we in every possible way support and invite talented artists working both in Ukraine and abroad, to present their works in our gallery.

We are thanking the artists that they chose ARTzinger gallery and we are proud that their works adorn our office.

At the moment our office is holding an exhibition of Temo Svirely`s works. 

Temo Svirely`s web-site:

Should you be interested in any of the works exhibited in our office, please contact our PR department at: tel.: +38 044 390 55 33; or e-mail:

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