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Austria is one of the safest countries in the world. This applies in equal parts to the politics, business climate, low criminality level and the legal system – framework conditions for individual and institutional investors.

The Austrian economy offers excellent conditions for international investors: support of small and medium-sized enterprises in the sphere of research and development, firm establishment or promotion for investment and technologies. Austria is a party to most international conventions and has a wide network of bilateral agreements on protection and promotion of investment and on double taxation which gives additional essential guaranties for internal and external investors.

Austria has a developed holding legislation which allows to structure and to implement global investment project in a most effective and optimal way from the taxation point of view.

The Vienna International Arbitral Centre of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber has a long-term reputation as one of the most effective means for dispute settlement and was recognised by state enterprises of the USSR as one of the optimal institutions for dispute resolution during the times of the “iron curtain”.

Taking into account these circumstances, Austria has become first choice country for many international financial and industrial groups as an ideal platform for investment in Central and Eastern Europe, inducing Ukraine. 

In the last years the dynamics of development of Austrian-Ukrainian trade and economic relations has been not only strengthened but started to develop very productively.

Ukraine is traditionally one of the most attractive countries in Eastern Europe for the Austrian economy and its business circles.

Austrian companies in Ukraine have leading positions in main segments of the industry, in particular, in construction and infrastructure, automotive industry, metal industry, insurance, retail, pharmaceutics, banking sector, real estate etc. The Austrian business uses its vast innovation potential for investment into development of the Ukrainian infrastructure sector. 

According to information of the State statistics committee volume of direct investment to Ukraine as to January 1, 2010 amounts to USD 40.026,8 million. According to this information Austria is at place 5 among major countries-investors with amount of direct investment of USD 2.604,1 million.

From the very beginning of our work in Ukraine Arzinger Law Office provides services not only for Austrian companies but also for Ukrainian firms which are interested in development of their business in Austria, attraction of Austria investors, IPO etc.

We are proud to represent interests of the majority of Austrian investors to Ukrainian economy which put their business into our hands.

We have been chosen as legal consultants of following companies: Investcreditbank (Volksbank group), Die Erste, UNICREDIT Bank Austria, OKB, Schwarzmuller, Porsche Holding, Interbilanz, Dunapack, Reiwag, PORR,STRABAG, RPM (Raiffeisen Group), Raiffeisen Evolution (Raiffeisen Group), Europolis (Volksbank Group), UNIQA Real Estate, Tyrolit (Swarovski group), Ventureal, UNIQA, Vienna Insurance Group.

In the last years we see a trend that more and more Ukrainian companies and private persons invest into Austrian economy. We legally support Ukrainian investment into industrial assets and real estate in Austria on a regular basis and provide legal consulting for agreements as to attraction of financing for Ukrainian investment projects from Austrian financial and banking or strategic investors.

Thanks to our knowledge of the local market and our spotless reputation on Austrian and Ukrainian markets we chose the best partners for implementation of transactions in Austria or for speeding up the coordination process of obtaining the project financing.

Austrian Desk coordinates work with German-speaking clients, works with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and organizes joint seminars. In cooperation with Austrian legal firms Austrian Desk works on settlement of legal issues Ukrainian clients are confronted with in the German- speaking environment.

The personnel of our company speaks fluently German, a number of our lawyers and partners studied and worked in Austria and are well familiar with the Austrian legal system, market and mentality which makes the whole cooperation process much more easier. We skilfully apply our knowledge of the legislative, cultural and commercial aspects of the business development in Ukraine.

Arzinger is one of the founders of the Austrian and Ukrainian Law Society, the main task of which is improvement of bilateral relations, support of the legislation development, protection and lobbying of interests of investors in the respective jurisdiction. Timur Bondaryev, Managing Partner of the Arzinger Law Office, is the President of the Society.  For many years now Mr Bondaryev has been the attorney of the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy.



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