Arzinger has become a member of the French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

In July 2013 the Arzinger Law Office by decision of the board has become a member of the French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Thus, the French business community recognized the huge contribution that Arzinger makes to the development of bilateral relations between France and Ukraine providing legal services on the day-to-day basis to French companies working in Ukraine and to Ukrainian companies working in France.

The French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce has accepted Arzinger as one of its members due to the fact that the company conducts highly dynamic activity in French business circles. During many years Arzinger has been providing legal services to a number of French companies, such as Orangina Group (Rosinka), Lafarge, Fareva and Nexans and supported Russian and Ukrainian companies and individuals that exercise their activity in France. Based on successful experience of working with French-speaking clients and considering the dynamic of French investments to Ukraine some years ago Arzinger has opened the French Desk for professional provision of services for French-speaking companies in Ukraine and vice versa. Appointment of Aurélien Mousset, French lawyer with deep professional expertise and broad experience of working in Central and Eastern European Countries, as Counsel has strengthened the French Desk. The development of the French direction in the company strengthened its positions in the French business-community and resulted in its recognition as an integral part of the French-Ukrainian business relations.

French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (CCIFU). Unites over 100 companies representing small, middle-sized and big business. The CCIFU works in close cooperation with the French Trade and Economic Mission supported by the French Embassy. The CCIFU has been acting in Ukraine since 1994, since establishment of the Association of the French Business Community in Ukraine (ACFAU). Its goals are: to facilitate trade relations between Ukraine and France, to represent and protect mutual professional interests of French companies in Ukraine, to promote the positive image of Ukraine in France, to support companies by entering the Ukrainian market and to ensure the exchange of experiences between companies.