Results of the second stage of Arzinger's Kaleidoscope Student Education Program summarized

Kaleidoscope Internship, an educational student project of Arzinger Law Office, took place as part of its Kaleidoscope project from 3 July till 14 July 2017. The project is the only program in Ukraine, where students can try themselves in three practices within the same internship.

The aim of the project is to promote talented young people in their formation as conscious representatives of the legal community who understand the importance of the chosen professional path, giving them the opportunity to try and see how the legal business in Ukraine works and what makes it tick.

Following a competition, 15 students were selected for internship to spend 10 days in Arzinger’s three offices located in Kyiv, Lviv, and Odessa.

The project "Kaleidoscope Internship" offered tasks in the form of real cases Arzinger’s lawyers worked on. The curators gave interesting practical tasks to each project participant without exception. Upon completion of the internship, 3 finalists of the project were selected to undergo a paid internship in the company. In the future, today's trainees will have a chance to become employees at Arzinger. The finalists were allowed to choose the practice they were willing to do a paid internship in.

Nikita Novikov, one of the project finalists, shared his impressions of the internship: "I was given a sizable client task. The appendix contained evidence of violation of the law, supporting documents, and the questions to be addressed. My adrenaline was at an all-time high. I turned on the Pomodoro technique and started working. It is very important when you do a job yourself, doing research, analysing, drafting recommendations. And then you see the same work done by professionals. You understand what to strive for and what skill level you should achieve to provide a high-quality legal service."

"I am very pleased with the project, particularly with its format. It was very interesting to join the work in three different practices and to understand what you are keen on. I think that the project was successful both for interns and organizers," commented Ksenia Lotosh, who was among the finalists.

The next stage of the Kaleidoscope project will be Kaleidoscope Academy, where Arzinger will conduct a series of 10 interactive workshops on each of its practices from September to June each year. During the workshops, students will be able to work on solutions for cases together with lawyers of each practice or industry, and will obtain guidance for further professional development in the chosen practice.

Arzinger's educational project Kaleidoscope offers an alternative vision of the learning process by helping future lawyers to gain practical knowledge and skills and make a conscious choice for a bright future.